Month: November 2020

Where Travelers Are Going for the Holidays in 2020

Where Travelers Are Going for the Holidays in 2020

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Where Travelers Are Going for the Holidays in 2020

Should we go home to see family for the holidays? Should we go anywhere for the holidays? When it comes to these very real, personal questions about visiting loved ones, we’re struggling like everyone else to make a smart, careful decision. Everyone has different risk tolerances during the coronavirus pandemic and COVID contexts (for instance, I am in lockdown in London for the month of November, while family in Switzerland can travel more freely in Europe). Turns out, some people are still planning holiday getaways with responsible travel in mind.  

According to travel advisors, they’re booking every kind of trip: solo travel, couples, families with young kids, and extended multigen holidays.  Whether it’s a do-nothing beach holiday, a safari, or even leaning into over-the-top Christmas magic at a hotel, there’s something

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Airlines cancel international flights ahead of national lockdown

Watch: Major airlines face up to likely winter blues

Airlines have been busy overnight working on plans to cancel the majority of leisure flights in response to England’s impending national lockdown.

Under new rules announced by the Government on Saturday, non-essential travel – both domestic and international – is banned from Thursday November 5 until at least December 2.

That takes all overseas holidays off the table during this period, as well as staycations, given that overnight stays away from home are not permitted.

Paul Charles, CEO of travel consultancy the PC Agency, tells Telegraph Travel: “Airline planning teams are already working on cancelling outbound flights after November 5, and it will be difficult to plan for December based on a lack of visibility as to what will happen closer to Christmas. 

“In the short-term, airlines will be looking at combining scheduled flights returning to the UK, so that

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All the unanswered questions explained, from fishing to pantomimes

The new lockdown restrictions announced by the Prime Minister on Saturday will place the country back into national measures on Thursday, until at least December 2.

The guidelines address many aspects of life which will be prohibited under the new rules, but also leave many sectors and activities without clarity.

A more comprehensive version of the guidance is expected to be published this week, which should answer many questions about how the rules differ from the first national lockdown and local tier system.

Can I visit a relative in a care home?

Visits to care homes were banned during the first lockdown in March, as it became clear they had become hotspots for the spread of the disease. Visits to homes were only allowed in exceptional circumstances.

Under the Tier system, in Tiers 2 and 3 visits are only allowed in circumstances such as end-of-life care, and care home staff

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